Interior Design: Buy Curtains and Blinds in Dubai under one Roof

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Interior Design, Curtains and Blinds in Dubai under one Roof

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Curtains and Blinds

Whether you get tired of heebie-jeebies sunny mornings in Dubai, have privacy concerns at your home, or want to elevate the overall look of your bedroom and living room, look no further. Thedesign-shop is here to help you out in a unique way by offering a wide range of curtains and blinds Dubai collection. So, make your home more secure, more energy efficient, and more modish with our new collection of curtains and blinds

Interior Design

The Design Shop manages your projects from the beginning to the end. Our professional team will work in close collaboration with you to plan an interior décor that fits your requirements and budget. Having been in this business for over a decade, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and always strive to create an interior that mirrors them and their specific goals. Transform your interior into a livelier and happier environment.


The Design Shop Provides a Complete Transformation of your House with design ideas for your Rooms, Living Area, kitchen, bathrooms, Landscape, and Pool. We can transform Better Ideas for the Utilization of Potential Space into creativity with new buildup, paint, partitions, tiles, wallpaper, flooring, Mirrors, Glass, Fixtures, Electrical solutions, furniture and Curtains and Blinds.

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TheDesign-Shop has been working for years to deliver unique, sleek, and chic designs to homes in Dubai. Our team of experts strives to achieve customer satisfaction by offering quality work. We leave no stone unturned to mirror our customers’ goals in our work. Whether it is about curtains, blinds, furniture, landscaping, or home automation, TDS will get you covered in all the mentioned domains. So, let’s convert your house into a more secure, energy-efficient, more tranquil haven.

TDS Team About Us
TDS Team about us

What we have in our Collection of Curtains and Blinds Dubai

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Blackout Curtains

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Sheer Curtains


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Roller Blinds Dubai

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Vertical Blinds Dubai

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Roman Blinds Dubai

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How we Work

We work in 3 simple sections

For latest sleek designs of  curtains and Blinds in Dubai, you can contact us via Given email address, or phone number. Our friendly customer support team will respond you in minutes.  

Having discussed your project with our customer support team, you can fix an appointment date with our experts.  On the fixed date, our experts will visit the location and share their expertise to give a sleek look to your home. 

Lastly, you can finalizes the deal with TDS team. Before making a final deal, make sure you have described nitty-gritty of your requirements. 

Made-to-measure curtains may cost you more than readymade curtains Dubai. And there are various obvious reasons for being more expensive. For example, it takes expertise and time to get made-to-measure curtains ready. Moreover, it is worth investing in made-measure curtains, as they are well-matched and well-suited to your windows and interiors.

Well, the cost of blinds in Dubai depends on various factors. You must focus on material quality, built-up quality, durability, type, design, colors, and installation cost. All these mentioned factors decide how much blinds cost in Dubai.

However, Blinds’ cost varies from $50 to $500.

Generally, blinds are less expensive than curtains. We can classify blinds into different categories according to the material used in them. For example, plastic blinds are the cheapest among all types. Apart from plastic blinds, wooden and vinyl blinds are relatively more expensive than their counterpart (plastic).

Additionally, blinds are easy to manufacture and install which makes blinds less expensive than curtains.

You will find different calculators to find out the curtain size on websites. However, there is a simple rule to follow to measure the exact size of the curtain of a window. Well, the curtain's final width must be double the width of the window for proper fullness.

For example, the window’s width is 20”. The curtain’s width must be 40”.

Width of window= 20”

Width of Curtain= 20” x 2= 40”

What is the difference between curtains and drapes?

Mainly, there are two differences between curtains and drapes.

i-                    Fabric

ii-                   Length

Normally, drapes are made from thicker fabric than curtains. Moreover, drapes are lengthier than curtains for the same size of windows.

Material, used in any product, is one of the decisive factors in the cost of that product. The same is the case with blinds.

Blinds, made from plastic, are the cheapest ones. However, blinds made from sourced hardwood are supposed to be more expensive than others.

The shortest answer to this question is No. Blinds are meant to offer privacy and light and temperature control. However, you need to make sure that you have installed the blinds correctly. Having installed the blinds, go outside and check, if you can see through blinds or not.

Moreover, remember that sometimes outsiders can see the shadows of insiders in a house (when there is enough light inside).

The answer to this question is subjective and varies from person to person. Aside from liking and disliking, there are various other factors to choose perfect curtains for a bedroom. And there can be a about choosing perfect curtains for bedrooms.

However, we are here to answer the question shortly. According to the TDS experience, we are supposed to choose bedroom curtains of heavy fabric (which tends to control temperature, light, and privacy concerns).

There might be several uses of having curtains in your homes. For example;

  • Curtains enhance the overall look and beautify your home
  • Curtains block sunlight and make your mornings more tranquil.
  • Blinds and curtains help to control temperature as well
  • Lastly, one feels more secure in a home with curtains. Curtains provide you privacy.