Window Duplex Blinds Dubai

Duplex Blinds Dubai
Duplex Blinds Dubai

What are Duplex Blinds Dubai 2024?

Duplex blinds in a bedroom mean having a controlled way to let in sunlight. Whether you want filtered light in your bedroom or desire to block out sunlight for complete darkness and a tranquil environment, duplex blinds Dubai are the perfect choice. The other name of these blinds is Zebra Blinds. In fact, these blinds are roller blinds with a double-phase system.

Moreover, zebra blinds are tailored with sheer and solid panels capable of filtering and blocking out sunlight as per the requirements of homeowners. At TheDesign-Shop, we have one of the largest collections of duplex blinds in Dubai with varying attractive colors and designs.

Why Duplex Blinds in Dubai?

The following reasons may force any homeowner to install zebra blinds in Dubai. Let's have a look at a bird's eye view of all of those reasons one by one.

The 2-phase operating system of zebra blinds offers better control of sunlight in the room. By using duplex innovative system, you can let (filtered) sunlight in the bedroom when needed; otherwise, you can block out the light as per your needs.

With sheer curtains, you will have to compromise your privacy whenever there is a higher intensity of light inside the room than outside. Nevertheless, these offer a unique solution to it. Sheer and solid panels of duplex can be used according to the needs of consumers.

In these, you will find versatility while purchasing. For example, motorized blinds, chain-operated, translucent straps, and solid panels are different types of zebra blind. Therefore, there are different choices for users when it comes to buying duplex blind.

The other feature for which zebra blind is being liked and preferred to install is its easy shutdown and up operation. Aside from motorized duplex screens, a kid can easily shut down by pulling chain-operated manual duplex.

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Types of Zebra Blinds Dubai

Before buying these duplex screens in Dubai, know about different types of it. You can check different types of duplex blinds below;

Vertical zebra Blinds: 

As the name depicts, vertical duplex blinds are made of vertical slats that operate (2-phase) similarly to standard duplex screens. However, it is an admitted fact that it isn’t too common.

Horizontal Duplex Blinds:

One of the most common types of zebra blinds is horizontal blinds. Similar to roller blinds, these can be manually pulled up and down with a chain. In this type, these are made from horizontal slats.  

Motorized Duplex Blinds:

You can automate existing blinds for enhanced convenience like any other automated curtains. Our team of experts can also install motors on existing duplex blinds in Dubai.

Manual Duplex Blinds:


These manual zebra blinds can be pulled down and up with a chain. Chain-driven theseblinds are also easy to operate, and these manual blinds don’t demand high place sweaty efforts.

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Vertical Blinds Dubai for Office

Why TheDesign-Shop?

There are several obvious reasons why people in Dubai prefer to use our services when it comes to purchasing and installing curtains and blinds.

Professional Team

Our team of professionals will always be there whenever you need help to turn your home into heaven with the best interior design services in Dubai. We have years of experience in curtains and blinds in Dubai.

Free Consultation

You get stuck in a wide range of blinds, colors and designs, right? You can get free consultation from TheDesign-Shop team and get benefits of years of experience of our experts and professional .

24/7 Availability

To deliver quality services, our team of professionals and experts are available 24/7. You will find us just by clicking on the contact button. Click the button and find the best available curtains and blinds in the Dubai collection.

People Also Ask

One of the most asked questions by customers is about the total cost of curtains and blinds. However, it is really hard to answer this question for the team of TheDesign-Shop without knowing certain factors like blind measurement, type of blind, and chosen quality.

 After analyzing all the factors, you can have the final cost of curtains and blinds. Hence, if you are also curious about the exact cost of duplex curtains, kindly contact us at the given contact numbers and let us know about window measurements. After that, we can give a different budget range of varying zebra blinds in Dubai.

Duplex blinds and roller blinds are mistakenly interchangeable blinds. Numerous customers need to learn the difference between roller blinds and duplex blinds. However, there are plenty of differences between the two.

For example, duplex or double blinds come up with better sunlight control thanks to their two-phase operating system.

On the flip side, roller binds are also known as single-blind.