Window Vertical Blinds Dubai

Vertical Blinds Dubai
Vertical Blinds Dubai

What are Vertical Blinds Dubai?

Vertical blinds are long vertical slats for windows and doors to add privacy and control sunlight intensity. These long vertical straps are made from PVC, polyester, and Vinyl. In easier words, we can say that the vertical blinds Dubai collection is one of the unique, elegant, modish, and trendy ways to treat windows and doors.

Therefore, if you are also a homeowner and thinking of adorning your empire fascinatingly, vertical blinds in Dubai might put a full stop to your research. The high quality, practicality, versatility, and attractive design of vertical blinds have a persuasive appeal to consumers that is hard to deny.

With the expert team of Thedesign-shop, you can pass through all of your vertical blinds journey in Dubai. Contact us, discuss your query, get free consultancy, and fix your appointment. Now, let us deliver the best treatment to your windows and doors.

Top 04 Reasons for Installing Vertical Blinds in Dubai

Here, these 04 reasons may clear your thoughts about vertical blinds in Dubai. People in Dubai prefer to install vertical blinds because of the following reasons

With blackout curtains, you can have complete control of privacy. However, you only have two modes: complete privacy with total darkness or sunlight with opened curtains (no privacy).

The same is the case with sheer curtains. You may have to compromise on privacy while enjoying the filtered sunlight in your bedroom/living room with sheer curtains. However, vertical blinds offer the best optimal solution with long vertical slats. You have complete control of sunlight (in the room) without compromising on privacy with vertical blinds in Dubai.

Vertical blinds are one of the most affordable options when it comes to window treatment. In comparison with other types of window treatment, vertical blinds are one of the most durable and affordable choices.

Cleaning of vertical blinds is a kid’s play. Vinyl vertical blinds in Dubai are the most durable and easy-to-clean options. One can easily wipe out all the vertical straps with a dampened, soft microfiber towel.

Aside from that, vertical blinds can easily be detached for detailed cleaning. Moreover, polyester, PVC, and vinyl tend to be moisture and stain-resistant.

With all the reasons mentioned above, vertical blinds always keep you away from compromising on fade and plain appearance. Instead, TheDesign-shop offers a wide range of pleasant colors with eye-catching designs in the vertical blinds Dubai collection. So, you can have customized vertical blinds in Dubai by getting TheDesign-Shop Services. 

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Areas of Application of Vertical Blinds in Dubai:

Vertical blinds can be installed in the following space to elevate the overall appearance. Let’s have a look at all the different places of applications;

Living Room: 

A living room is a place where a man enjoys filtered sunlight with privacy. Vertical blinds are the best available option for large windows in the living room.


Vertical blinds might be the best option for those who want a tranquil ambience with proper airflow in a bedroom. To avoid suffocation without compromising on privacy, vertical blinds can be the best match for bedrooms.


 Curtains and blinds are more prone to get stained in the kitchen, which makes them greasy and hard to clean. However, PVC, polyester, and vinyl vertical blinds in Dubai are easier to clean as compared to other curtains and blinds.


Vertical blinds not only offer an aesthetic look but also bestow a professional appearance to offices in Dubai. Therefore, it would be the best option for offices and commercial places to adorn them with vertical blinds.

Vertical Blinds Dubai for Office 1
Vertical Blinds Dubai for Office
Vertical Blinds Dubai Collection
Vertical Blinds Dubai Collection

Why TheDesign-Shop?

Here are the following obvious reasons why consumers in Dubai always prefer Thedesign-shop to get services of interior designing, curtains, and blinds.

Professional Team

Our team of professionals will always be there whenever you need help to turn your home into heaven with the best interior design services in Dubai. We have years of experience in curtains and blinds in Dubai.

Free Consultation

You get stuck in a wide range of blinds, colors and designs, right? You can get free consultation from TheDesign-Shop team and get benefits of years of experience of our experts and professional .

24/7 Availability

To deliver quality services, our team of professionals and experts are available 24/7. You will find us just by clicking on the contact button. Click the button and find the best available curtains and blinds in the Dubai collection.

People Also Ask

The price of vertical blinds may vary due to certain factors like size, material, and design. Vertical blind slats are made of vinyl, PVC, or Polyester, which causes differences in the price of vertical blinds. Generally, the cost of vertical blinds ranges from 200AED to 700AED.

You can contact the TDS team and discuss size and other essentials with the team. After that, our team will give you an estimated cost of vertical blinds.

Generally speaking, blinds are cheaper options than curtains. Blinds may cost you less than quality curtains. Again, we have to be specific when we start comparing curtains and blinds.

For example, various types of sheer curtains are way cheaper than some quality roller blinds. Similarly, vertical blinds are cheaper than various quality blackout curtains and sometimes sheer curtains.

Mainly, the answer to your question depends on your chosen vertical blinds in Dubai; after that, we can clearly tell whether your chosen vertical blinds are cheaper than curtains or not.

Vertical blinds are large vertical slats that can be opened and closed from the sides and have a head-rail. Those large vertical slats are made from different materials; for example;

Vinyl Vertical Blinds Dubai

Polyester Vertical Blinds in Dubai

PVC vertical blinds.

Some other thick fabric vertical blinds

Different customized and made-to-measure vertical blinds are durable enough and last 10-15 years. On the flip side, various ready-made, commonly available vertical blinds in Dubai have a shelf life of 6 to 7 years.

Aside from the discussed durability of vertical blinds above, the age of a vertical blind also depends on where it is used. For example, vertical blinds installed where sunlight, water, or heat hits the blinds directly they started fading quickly.