Window Wave Curtains Dubai

Wave Curtains Dubai
Wave Curtains Dubai

What Are Wave Curtains Dubai 2024?

TheDesign-Shop offers a large variety of Wave curtains in Dubai for all those homeowners who get tired of traditional-styled curtains and want to give a new look to their bedrooms. By installing wave curtains, your bedrooms and living rooms will get a new sinuous S-styled wavy aesthetic appearance.

Aside from a neat, clean, wavy appearance, you can choose your favorite colors and patterns from our large collection of S-wave curtains in Dubai. There is a small difference between eyelet and wave curtains; however, S-folded curtains are more organized and neat (thanks to their professionally tailored heading tape and gliding track).

Let’s look at different features, our previous work, and different related queries.

Why People Prefer S-Wave Curtains and Drapes?

Nowadays, people in Dubai and UAE prefer S-wave curtains over other counterparts for the following reasons. Having seen dozens of curtain types, your wires may also get crossed, and it becomes hard to decide which curtain type you should go with. However, the following features of S-wave curtains allow you to decide and choose wave curtains with a clear mind. 

S-Wave curtains are tailored so professionally that these aren’t meant to be messy in the room, like pencil pleats and French pleats. These curtains’ sleek, neat, clean, wavy look offers a modish appearance to windows.

Wave drapes are made from floating and luxurious fabric, and the curtain header is tailored professionally to give an S-Wave shape while hanging. The noiseless glider helps to draw curtains without any sweaty effort.

At TheDesign-Shop, you can find your favorite color and design. Apart from readymade curtains, we offer made-to-measure wavy curtains which meet your requirements. Just contact us and unearth hundreds of unique colors and designs.

Sinuous S-wave folded curtains are meant to offer a modish, elegant, wavy, and floaty look to your bedroom. Hence, s-folded drapes are one of the best choices for homeowners who want a unique window treatment.

Areas to Install Wave Curtains

Normally, you can use wave curtains anywhere you want in your home. However, wave curtains add more value when large windows are dressed with them. For short/tiny windows, you can use any other type of curtains instead of wavy drapes.

Aside from the window dimensions, you can use wave curtains in the following areas.

Our Previous Work

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Why TheDesign-Shop?

Manufacturing and tailoring of wave curtains demand high skills and years of experience. The expert team of TheDesign-Shop is known for its years of experience and professionalism. Let's have a look at the favorite point for which customers love to avail our services.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in catering services in the field of interior design. S-shaped wavy curtains can be designed and tailored with perfection by our experts. So, just contact us and get perfectly tailored S-wave-shaped curtains.


You will find the team of TheDesign-Shop highly professional. We pay market-competitive salaries with several other perks to our experts and professionals; they can enjoy their work and focus more on their assigned tasks.


TheDesign-Shop renders its services around the clock. You can consult our experts at any time. Just contact us and make an appointment with our experts, and get perfect advice about curtains and blinds according to your interior.

S-Wave curtains Dubai Collection
S-Wave curtains Dubai Collection

People Also Ask

There are dozens of fabrics which can be used to tailor curtains. However, wave curtains demand special attention when choosing fabric. Only some fabrics are well-suited for wave curtains. In fact, it is a hit-and-trial method to check which fabric is suited to wave curtains.

According to our experience, it is very hard to use heavy fabric to tailor wave curtains. Instead of heavy and stiff fabric, you can use silk, cotton, or voile soft fabric. Soft fabric for wave fabric can be adjusted in the glider easily.

The wave curtain track system works with a track and a wave curtain coupled with a wave glider. Wave glider helps a curtain to be well organized and gives a neat and clean look.

Moreover, the track system allows users to draw curtains effortlessly. At TheDesign-Shop, the wave curtains track system is available with different options like corded, manual, and motorized.

80mm and 60mm are the spacing between waves or gliders. In 80mm wave curtains, the space between gliders is 8cm. Similarly, with 60mm curved curtains, gliders are 6cm away from one another.

80mm wave curtains are the most common ones and offer deeper waves in curtains; however, there are fewer waves in 80mm curtains than in 60mm curtains.

Yes, wave curtains can be washed by hands or in machine. Choose washing detergent wisely. Sometimes, washing detergent might be the only culprit to fade away the vibrant colors of your curtains.