We give your interior spaces a fresh and innovative look while we also make them safe and functional for the best comfort possible for you

The Design Shop manages your projects from the beginning to the end. Our professional team will work in close collaboration with you to plan an interior décor that fits your requirements and budget.
Having been in this business for over a decade, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and always strive to create an interior that mirrors them and their specific goals. Transform your interior into a livelier and happier environment

We take pride in being the best landscape design company and Contractor in Dubai. ‎Our expert team will cautiously examine & make a measured transition ‎from one element to another one during the project span. Every aspect ‎related to the project will be designed & applied with utmost precision. ‎All of our clients have given us incredibly optimistic feedback. They all ‎loved the pleasing view of rare flowers, exotic trees & plants with lush ‎green scenery. The entire transformation results in an ideal place for ‎mental and physical relaxation & comfort zone. We are specialist into ‎creating an incredibly detailed space changeover

Furniture is an important part of any environment. We bring forward the best ideas for furniture, be it your home or office. We administer to your wants of filling your interior space with the best furniture and make it exert beauty.
The Design Shop has built quite an image for offering stylish and durable furniture for our clients. Our broad scope of originator, contemporary and customary office furniture offers all that you require for a utilitarian and trendy work environment.