Cubicle Medical Curtains Dubai in Hospitals for Privacy

Cubicle Medical Curtains Dubai
Cubicle Medical Curtains Dubai

What are Cubicle Medical Curtains Dubai for Privacy?

Hospitals are the places where one takes some extra steps to protect against infectious diseases, as hospitals are more prone to spreading viruses, bacteria, and germs. TheDesign-Shop takes care of its customers in this domain as well. You will find a large variety of cubicle medical curtains Dubai for hospitals. These medical curtains provide an enclosure (space) for patients and doctors for treatment. 

These medicated curtains can easily be installed and pulled off without making noise. While manufacturing these hospital curtains, we kept all the factors in mind w.r.t to hospital management team and patient. Moreover, we always choose eye-soothing colors for cubicle curtains in Dubai that won’t irritate the eyes of patients, doctors, and other staff. These curtains can be the best choice for patients and their families regarding privacy in hospitals and clinics in Dubai.

Features of Privacy Curtains for Clinics

Medical Curtains Dubai, provided by TheDesign-Shop, comes with the following features that stand them higher among other counterparts;

Features of Cubicle Curtains Dubai


 A hospital is a place where curtains, bed sheets, and pillows are likely to attract more stains and dirt. By keeping this point in view, TheDesign-Shop always provides stain-resistant, medicated, and inherently flame-retardant (IFR) fabric curtains for hospitals and clinics in Dubai.

Easy to Wash:

These hospital curtains in Dubai are easier to wash. Hospital maintenance professionals can easily wash these curtains with their hands or in the washing machine. Stain-resistant and water/moisture-repellant fabric allows these curtains to stay for long without demanding frequent washing.   

Noise-Free Gliding:

 Like a library, a hospital is a place where one should keep silent to provide a tranquil environment to patients. Therefore, these curtains have noiseless operation, and you can easily glide them without creating noise.

Easy to Change:

Hospital management can be a hectic task. The management team has to focus on dozens of functions for smooth operation. These cubicle curtains in Dubai are the best choice for effortless changing and installation.

Eye-soothing colors and design: 

TheDesign-shop takes care of its customers and tries to provide a peaceful environment. So, these clinical curtains in Dubai come up with eye-soothing colors and designs.

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People Also Ask

For home interiors, curtains' color and design are subjective cases; you can choose according to your choice and interior design. However, we can't use any color of choice when it comes to hospital curtains. Instead, most hospitals in the world and UAE use blue or green colors cubicle curtains in hospitals and clinics.

There are psychological reasons for using these two colors for medical curtains. For example, green is an eye-soothing color that is best for patients and doctors. Similarly, green is considered the opposite of red color, making blood spots visible on curtains.

We have tried to make curtains stain-resistant and used inherently flame retardant (IFR) fabric. Owing to these qualities, curtains don't demand frequent washing.

However, when we analyze the contamination of curtains and the spread of germs in hospitals, it is advised to wash and sanitize curtains once or twice a month.

Washing medical curtains is the most critical task to maintain doctors', patients', and other staff's health. As we know, different pathogens tend to thrive on curtains and other soft areas. Due to this, the maintenance team must pay attention to curtains.

These cubicle curtains are machine washable. Having washed curtains, dry them under the sun and use any anti-germs spray before installing them in hospitals.

These hospital privacy curtains can be used at varying heights. Nonetheless, the recommended height of privacy cubicle hospital curtains is 7 feet. You can use curtains of more than 7 feet in height as well.