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Pure Silk Curtains Dubai
Pure Silk Curtains Dubai

100% Pure Luxury Silk Curtains Dubai at TheDesignShop

Among different fabrics used for curtains, silk is treated like a queen: elegant, attractive, delicate. There would be no better option than silk to bestow a unique, sleek, and vibrant appearance on bedroom windows and interiors. TheDesign-Shop proudly offers silk curtains in Dubai.

Affordability, durability, vibrant colors, and eye-catching designs of the silk curtains Dubai collection are available at TheDesign-Shop. You can choose from a wide range of varying colors and designs as per your choice and interior design. So, install silk curtains to give your bedroom windows a fab treatment with better light control and airflow. Just contact us and see how professionally our team will work and offer you the best available options.

04 Reasons to Prefer Silk Fabric over others

By installing silk curtains, you may enjoy the following advantages over other types of fabrics. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all those benefits which may help you to choose silk curtains;


Instead of bulky drapes, silk draperies are lightweight and come up with a sleek, elegant, and wavy appearance in a room. In contrast, other fabrics are heavier and give a messy and narrower look to a room.

Wrinkle-Free Fabric:

As compared to cotton curtains, silk is a wrinkle-free fabric. Having installed silk curtains, these have a comparatively low wrinkling ratio and resist rumbling and crushing. Therefore, we can say that silk curtains are easier to maintain.

Enhanced Light Filter:

Silk curtains fall somewhere between blackout and sheer curtains. Unlike blackout curtains, these drapes tend to pass filtered light into the room. However, the amount of light that passes through silk fabric is lower than that of light that passes through sheer curtains.

Note: Nowadays, various sheer curtains are manufactured from silk-processed fabric.

Aesthetic Appearance:

Obviously, there is no comparison of silk fabric with others regarding décor a bedroom with silk curtains. Silk curtains are synonymous with luxury, sophistication, aesthetic appearance, and a tranquil environment in a room.

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Types of Silk Fabric for Curtains:

Silk fabric is one of those inventions humanity always feels proud of. Its timeless appeal and luxurious feel can force anyone to get windows in a bedroom, living room, office, and kitchen adorned with silk drapes. However, it might be new to you that silk fabric has been classified into different types because of varying manufacturing procedures. Let's have a look at different types of silk fabric one by one;

It is one of the most common types of silk fabric. With extreme refinement, mulberry silk can be the best choice for bedroom, living room, and office curtains. Moreover, mulberry curtains are also known for their natural sheen, softness, and durability.

Dupioni silk is another fabric commonly used for curtains. Unlike mulberry silk, dupioni comes up with an irregular texture and rustic feel. As per our experts, Dupioni silk is more prone to get wrinkled than mulberry silk.

This type of silk is mainly used to tailor women’s gowns and attires. A slight sheen with a crisp texture delivers a unique, dreamy, elegant look to curtains, which adds more value to a room’s interior.

Like Dupioni silk, different women’s dresses are manufactured with organza silk. The subtle sheen, durability, and rustic feel of organza silk curtains are enough to create a romantic ambience in a room

The other name for raw silk is noil silk. In Dubai, various curtain suppliers use raw silk to manufacture silk curtains. It costs relatively less than other types of silk fabric. More amazingly, raw silk works efficiently when it comes to filtering sunlight.

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There are several obvious reasons why people in Dubai prefer to use our services when it comes to purchasing and installing curtains and blinds.

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