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UAE is becoming one of the most popular and attractive tourist points globally. And where tourism is at its peak, no one can deny the importance of hotels in that area. Therefore, when it comes to hotel décor and interior design, you won’t find TheDesign-shop second to none. In the interior design of the Hotel rooms, curtains and blinds are the big cheese. Without consideration about hotel curtains Dubai, you won’t complete a hotel room interior.

Here, TheDesign-Shop jumps in. With one of the largest hotel room drapes collections and a team of professionals and experts, you will find TheDesign-Shop services the most reliable, quick, perfect, quality, and affordable in Dubai.

Whether you want floral patterns or elegant plain-colored drapes made from high-quality fabric that won’t fade away over the years, contact us and décor your hotel rooms where your guests love to stay.

Top 07 Perfect and Reliable Options of Hotel Room Curtains in Dubai

Here are the top 7 different options when it comes to choosing curtains for hotels in Dubai. You can also choose any of these drapes with unlimited fabrics, colors, and patterns. Let’s have a look at all those available drapes types;

Blackout Curtains

Tourists always prefer to stay in those hotels where they feel more secure with guaranteed privacy. Therefore, adorn hotel rooms with blackout curtains and respect the privacy of your tourist guests.

Blackout Curtains
sheer curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are another unique and elegant way of treating windows. For wavy, floaty, and better airflow, sheer drapes can be the best choice for hotel rooms.

Motorized Curtains

For enhanced convenience, motorized curtains can add more value to hotel services in a room. Tourist guests love to use automatic drapes while staying in a hotel. Additionally, existing drapes can also be automated by installing motors.

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Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains mean to have metal rings tailored in the header of drapes. It makes drapes easier to draw. With eyelet metal rings, you can use metal rods to hang draperies. 

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat drapes can be a perfect decorative item for a hotel room’s glorification. These classic-styled drapes can help to adorn hotel rooms in a unique yet elegant way. TheDesign-Shop deals with all types of Pinch Pleat curtains in Dubai.

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Wave Curtains

Well-organized curtains with sleek designs and wavy appearance offer an aesthetic environment in a room. TheDesign-Shop offers professionally tailored, high-quality wave drapes for hotel rooms in Dubai.

Customized Curtains and Blinds

Aside from the above drapes, you can discuss your desired curtains and blinds. We deal with made-to-measure and customized curtains and blinds as well. 

Customized Blinds

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Why TheDesign-Shop?

Owing to the following reasons, customers prefer to avail our service times and again;


TheDesign-Shop is one of the most reliable curtains suppliers in Dubai. We are known for our quality fabric, attractive colors, affordability, friendly support team, and timely order delivery. We are just one call away, just contact us, discuss what you want in drapes, order, and get durable and quality drapes.

Satisfied Customers

We feel proud to have a long list of satisfied and repeated customers. We have customers who always love to avail of our services in Dubai whenever they need curtains and blinds for their homes, offices, and hotels. Customer satisfaction is the only way to stop us from working.


Get our services and check how professional and expert our team is. Our team is equipped with all the essential skills to get their work done. Aside from skills, our team members are highly professional in dealing with customers. Just contact us and get your interior design done with our team.

People Also Ask

There might be several reasons of having blackout drapes in hotel rooms of Dubai. For example, blackout curtains glorify hotel rooms uniquely. Moreover, blackout drapes are made from stain resistant fabric, helps hotel staff to maintain them well.

Additionally, blackout drapes create soothing and tranquil environment by blocking sunlight and that ambiance helps to taking rest in a better way.  

Well, it depends on the weather, hotel interior, and hotel owner’s choice. However, most hotel owners in Dubai prefer combination of sheer and blackout curtains with automation.

Yes, sheer curtains are also being used for hotel rooms in Dubai. However, sheer curtains layered with blackout curtains are the common practice here in Dubai hotel rooms.