Window Blackout Curtains Dubai

Blackout Curtains Dubai
Blackout Curtains Dubai

What are Blackout Curtains Dubai

Give your bedroom an enticing and comfier look with our blackout curtains in Dubai. You can optimize your room light with our blackout curtains; as the name depicts these curtains tend to give you a complete blackout and soothing environment in your room. Aside from the light-controlling feature, these  curtains are available in different colors to provide a modish, trendy, and elegant look.

So, whether you are thinking about window’s new treatments, or wall curtains, TheDesign-Shop premium quality blackout curtains are tailored by keeping all the cozy factors in mind to give you a dreamy environment. Whether you are a late morning riser or night shift worker and want a tranquil setting for sleeping, these curtains manage to optimize the light and give you coziness.

Let’s have a look at the different colors and designs of our collections of Blackout Curtains in Dubai.

Our Window Blackout Curtains Collection in Dubai

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Benefits of Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Why Choose TheDesign-Shop

Here are various obvious reasons for choosing TheDesign-Shop.

TheDesign-shop never compromise on quality of fabric. Our quality fabric promises durability. Thedesign-shop is known for its quality curtains supply in Dubai.

When it comes to TheDesign-Shop, you will have a wide range of attractive colors and designs in the collection of blackout curtains in Dubai. Visit us and check how vibrant, eye-catching colors collection in Curtains, we have

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to serve you the best experience in blackout curtains in Dubai. You can contact and discuss your demand anytime with our team. Our professionals are available 24/7 to assist you. Take our free window measurement services from our exeprts. 

Areas of Installation for our Blackout Draperies

Numerous clients get their wires crossed when it comes to installing blackout curtain. They need clarification as to whether they should put up these curtains in the bedroom or not. Here, we are going to reveal all the possible places where blackout curtains add more value.


Bedrooms are meant to be the most tranquil, noiseless, and comfortable place just like a mother's lap for babies. Windows in a bedroom are the primary sources of ventilation and light. Nevertheless, a dark, noise-free room might be a blessing when it comes to sleeping. Therefore, we can say that these curtains can be the perfect choice for bedrooms.

Home Theatres

Home theatres are the new additions to modern houses in Dubai. A family is supposed to get rid of daily routine laborious work and enjoy movies in home theatres. Nevertheless, the presence of light may spoil all the fun of movie watching in a home theatre. Hence, blackout curtains in Dubai are a must-have for home theatres to create a peaceful ambiance.


A hospital is a place where patients need to rest most of their time. Therefore, it is important to provide a comfier and dreamy environment in a hospital; thereby, patients can feel better. Apart from patients' comfort, blackout curtains can be used as room dividers with complete privacy in hospitals.


For an enhanced, comfy experience, hotel owners and managers demand blackout curtains to be installed in hotel rooms. In hotel rooms, most guests are tired from long journeys and business meetings, and they enjoy an environment in a hotel room where they can sleep without any disturbance. By keeping this point in mind, hotel managers always demand these curtains.

People Also Ask

The answer to this question is a "Big No". Saying that blackout curtains make a room hotter is not true. These curtains are likely to black out sunlight and heat, which helps to keep the room cooler. It makes your apartment energy efficient by maintaining room temperature.

Generally, the two most confusing terms are used interchangeably: blackout curtain and blockout curtain.

Blockout curtains tend to block 60% to 70% light.

Blackout curtain is supposed to block 100% of light efficiently.

It is people's choice whether they enjoy morning dimmed sunlight with blockout curtains or get irritated with morning sunlight and wants to black it out completely.

Blackout curtain is one of the most popular kinds of curtains. We may categorize blackout curtains into different types (design and fabric) like;

i-                   Rod Pocket

ii-                  Grommet

iii-                Pinch Pleat

iv-                Tailored Pleat

We can also categorize w.r.t fabric used in it;

i-                   Heavyweight polyester

ii-                  Heavy Microfiber

iii-                Blackout Fiber

iv-                Heavyweight Poly/Cotton mixture

Blackout curtains are meant to feel more secure in your home. When you install sheer curtains, your creepy neighbor may have an idea of your actions whenever you turn high high-intensity lights inside the room.

However, these curtains black out the light completely and provide you with a sense of protection with absolute privacy.

There are following simple steps to follow to choose the right blackout curtain. Here you can check;

Windows Measurement: The very first step to choosing the right blackout curtain is to measure the windows' dimensions. You can get the right size of blackout curtains after calculating the windows.

Note: TheDesign-Shop offers free window measurement services with free consultation.

Interior Design: Remember the room's interior design where you will install these curtains. These blackout drapes must complement your room's existing structure, color, and theme.

Choose Service for Installation: In this world, any task can be done without getting help from experts. However, hiring experts' services may save you time by performing a task more professionally. So, choosing the right service for installation is essential.