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Office Blinds Dubai
Office Blinds Dubai

Commercial Office Blinds Dubai Collection 2024

United Arab Emirates is one of the emerging and thriving business hubs in the world, and Dubai is considered the center of that hub in UAE. Owing to skyrocketing business in Dubai, TheDesign-Shop team feels that it is a need of the hour to introduce office blinds in Dubai.

In office blinds, we have a wide range of blinds to adorn your office uniquely and elegantly. Whether you want office window treatment with roller horizontal or vertical blinds, we cover you in all domains. It doesn’t end here; the team of TheDesign-shop helps you automate all types of existing blinds. Therefore, if you want to give your office a vibrant, professional, and modish appearance, we are here to serve you with years of experience.

Popular Types of Office Blinds in Dubai

With years of experience in the field of curtains and blinds, we can tell you the most popular types of office blinds in Dubai. Business owners prefer installing the following blinds in their offices to give a stylish look. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all those popular blinds for offices in Dubai;

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most commonly used blinds in the world. When it comes to dressing home and office windows, roller blinds are equally desirable for homeowners and business owners. Sleek design, actionable working, and endless designs are the features that put roller blinds above par.

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Vertical Blinds

In vertical blinds, slats are organized vertically, as the name depicts. Vertical blinds might be the perfect choice for relatively longer windows in an office. Easy to operate and maintain, force business owners to install vertical screens in their offices to enjoy the breathtaking outside view.

Roman Blinds

One of the ancient ways to furnish windows and interiors is the Roman blind. Roman Blinds offers an elegant, classy, and traditional look to office and meeting rooms, receptions, and staff rooms. TheDesign-Shop experts can give valuable suggestions to enhance an office appearance with Roman blinds.

Roman Blinds Dubai Collection
Duplex blinds

Duplex Blinds

These duplexes are tailored with innovation in roller blinds. Double-phase slats help control sunlight in an office in a better way. Duplex blinds are available in vertical and horizontal slat arrangements. Aside from that, you can get cord-operated manual duplex blinds and motorized blinds according to your desire.

Aluminum Blinds

There is no comparison with aluminum Venetian blinds for offices when it comes to elegance, simplicity, durability, and easy maintenance. These are some of the most durable options to face Dubai’s harsh weather. More amazingly, aluminum blinds are easy to clean. Cleaning staff can easily clean and maintain them with damped cloth. 

Aluminum Blinds Dubai
Faux Wooden

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood screens are another desired way to beautify office gracefully. These faux wood blinds are made from synthetic material with a wooden finish. Unlike wooden blinds, these are lightweight and durable. Faux wood blinds are also available with an automated machine option.

Why TheDesign-Shop?

Owing to the following reasons, customers prefer to avail our service times and again;


TheDesign-Shop is one of the most reliable curtains suppliers in Dubai. We are known for our quality fabric, attractive colors, affordability, friendly support team, and timely order delivery. We are just one call away, just contact us, discuss what you want in drapes, order, and get durable and quality drapes.

Satisfied Customers

We feel proud to have a long list of satisfied and repeated customers. We have customers who always love to avail of our services in Dubai whenever they need curtains and blinds for their homes, offices, and hotels. Customer satisfaction is the only way to stop us from working.


Get our services and check how professional and expert our team is. Our team is equipped with all the essential skills to get their work done. Aside from skills, our team members are highly professional in dealing with customers. Just contact us and get your interior design done with our team.

People Also Ask

There are different factors to consider when deciding which type of blind will be the best for an office in Dubai. Office interior, budget, personal opinion, and interior design determine the best-suited blinds for an office.

You can make an appointment with our expert team. Our team can guide you to choose the best available option. Aside from choosing the best blinds for the office, our team of professionals and experts will also measure the exact dimensions of the windows.

For meeting rooms in commercial areas, blackout blinds will be the perfect choice. In meeting rooms, business owners are supposed to present their ideas on a projector; a complete block out of sunlight must be there in the meeting room to create a tranquil ambiance.