Roman Blinds Dubai

Roman Blinds dubai
Roman Blinds dubai

What do Roman Blinds Dubai mean?

Roman Blinds Dubai is the perfect choice for all those homeowners who want to adorn their kingdom in a unique yet traditional way. Like any other standard blinds, Roman blinds are aesthetic, eye-catching, and have striking designs and colors. Roman blinds differ from other blinds when it comes to folds up (for opening) and unfolding (for shutting down). These Roman blinds fold up by pulling a string in a concertina’s style, which makes them unique. So, give a new look to your kitchens, washrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms with TheDesign-Shop, where you will find a wide range of Roman blinds collection in Dubai.

We, TheDesign-Shop, are a specialized team of experts who deliver customized (made-to-measure) Roman blinds in Dubai. If you are still confused about choosing between different types of blinds, you can call us and get free consultancy from our experts.

Roman Blinds Vs Roller Blinds: A Quick Comparison

Some homeowners come to us confused about whether they should go for Roman blinds or roller blinds. And which suits them the best? So, you will clear your mind by reading the following quick comparison between the two. Let’s get started:

Roman Blinds Dubai

There are following reasons why consumers prefer to install Roman blinds over any other types of blinds; for example

Traditional Look:

Roman blinds are one of the ancient methods of window treatment. With a continuing legacy, Roman blinds tend to deliver a traditional and aesthetic look to your home. So, these blinds might be the perfect choice for the people who love to adorn their heaven traditionally.

Timeless Designs:

As we have mentioned earlier, Roman blinds are meant to be traditional. Unlike other types of blinds, Roman blinds come up with timeless designs, which means that Roman blinds’ designs never get outdated, and these can be used for years.


In comparison with different blinds, you will find Roman blinds more practical. These blinds tend to control sunlight. Aside from the traditional appearance, you will get a smoother way to fold up and down these Roman blinds in a more practical way.

Roman Blinds vs. Roller Blinds 1
Roman Blinds Vs. Roller Blinds 2

Roller Blinds Dubai

The following factors differentiate roller blinds from Roman blinds. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of all these factors one by one;

Modish and Trendy:

Roller blinds in Dubai deliver a modish and trendy appearance. Therefore, it would be a perfect choice for all homeowners and businessmen who want to bestow a unique, modern, and stylish look to their homes and offices.


Roller blinds are the most affordable option among different types of blinds. Therefore, if you have a tight budget and want stylish blinds, roller blinds are for you. The durability of roller blinds depends on the material used in their manufacturing.

Different Types:

Roller blinds come in different types, which serve differently. For example, blackout roller blinds deliver complete privacy and darkness in a room. On the flip side, sheer roller blinds are perfect for filtered sunlight in a bedroom.

Roman Blinds Collection in Dubai
Roman Blinds Collection in Dubai

Why TheDesign-Shop?

Here are the following obvious reasons why consumers in Dubai always prefer Thedesign-shop to get services of interior designing, curtains, and blinds.

Professional Team

Our team of professionals will always be there whenever you need help to turn your home into heaven with the best interior design services in Dubai. We have years of experience in curtains and blinds in Dubai.

Free Consultation

You get stuck in a wide range of blinds, colors and designs, right? You can get free consultation from TheDesign-Shop team and get benefits of years of experience of our experts and professional .

24/7 Availability

To deliver quality services, our team of professionals and experts are available 24/7. You will find us just by clicking on the contact button. Click the button and find the best available curtains and blinds in the Dubai collection.

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People Also Ask

Various factors decide the cost of any product. For example, material, time and energy consumption, and labor costs. All these mentioned factors decide the actual cost of any product. People complain about the high cost of Roman blinds. The reason for the skyrocketed cost of Roman blinds is its manufacturing process.

It takes too much time and energy to craft a perfect Roman blind, which increases the labor cost.

Yes, obviously, Roman blinds can be used in bedrooms. Roman blinds in Dubai offer an aesthetic and classy look to your bedroom.

Moreover, Roman blinds are also the perfect choice for a bedroom because they tend to block out sunlight completely and create a tranquil ambience in the bedroom.

Similar to motorized curtains, Roman blinds can also be motorized easily.

There is no need to use curtains with Roman blinds. However, different types of sheer curtains can be used for an enhanced look of the bedroom. Otherwise, Roman blinds are enough to deliver an elegant, traditional, and formal look to your home.

The roots of Roman blinds can be found in the 18th and 19th century. With time, Roman blinds became popular because of different attractive factors like practicality, classy designs, patterns, and durability. So, we can say that Roman blinds are in fashion, and people love to get them the part of their interior.

Well, the answer to this question depends on the fabric, area of installation, and manufacturer. Generally, Roman blinds, manufactured by TheDesign-Shop can last 10-15 years in a bedroom. However, when you install Roman blinds in washrooms or kitchens, you may find these blinds short-lived.

One can’t see through Roman blinds when the bedroom window is fully covered with. Different blackout Roman blinds tend to keep spy eyes away from your bedroom, and creepy neighbors can’t see through them.