Are Motorized Curtains more Energy Efficient than Others?

In the technologically advanced era, motorized curtains can be a new addition to home automation. Unlike manual curtains, motorized drapes are equipped with an automated motor system to provide ultimate convenience in consumers’ lives. These curtains can be controlled (opened, closed) via remote control, wall switch, and smartphone app. In today’s energy-hungry world, energy-efficient devices are being appreciated everywhere. It is an admitted fact that curtains are energy-efficient tools of the interior designing process. In this article, we will try to explore different points to prove that motorized curtains can be more energy efficient than their counterparts. Let’s have a look at different points;

How are Motorized Curtains more energy efficient?

Here are the following reasons for which we can say that motorized curtains tend to save more energy than their counterparts (manual curtains).

Automated Control on daylight:

Daylight is a natural source of light that can lighten up bedrooms and living rooms without consuming electricity. However, daylight can only benefit those who spend their daytime in their homes. It might not benefit those who need to leave their homes before entering sunlight into their bedrooms for their jobs and business.

Therefore, we can say that automated curtains can be a blessing for those consumers who need a vigilant system to use sunlight all day to lighten up their rooms in their absence. By fixing the timer according to weather and season, you can easily control sunlight in your rooms without putting in hard effort.

In short, these curtains can be programmed with fixed opening and closing times to get benefits from sunlight.

Automated Temperature Control:

Similar to an automated light control system, smart curtains can give you an optimal solution for temperature control. By fixing the opening and closing times, you can control your room temperature effectively. As we know, curtains can be insulators to maintain room temperature.

Important to Note: Motorized curtains are more energy-efficient by effectively managing opening and closing time. Otherwise, these curtains work similarly to their counterparts.


In conclusion, motorized curtains add more convenience to consumers’ lives. With programmed open and close curtains, they help you control room temperature and get maximum benefits from sunlight. If you have any other related questions, please do ask; thedesign-shop team will be happy to answer them.

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