Curtains Vs. Blinds [Which one is better]

Curtains Vs. Blinds Dubai

Without window treatment, your interior design can’t be completed. In fact, window treatment is an integral part of interior design. And when it comes to dressing up room windows, there are several common and popular methods in Dubai. For instance, you can adorn your bedroom window with curtains, blinds, or drapes. Often, these window treatment … Read more

Difference Between Curtains and Drapes 2024

Differences between Curtains and Drapes

For new homeowners in Dubai, it might be the same terms: curtains and drapes. Generally, these two terms are used interchangeably. However, there are some key differences between curtains and drapes. For example, curtains are made from relatively thin fabric to soften the environment; on the flip side, drapes are made from thicker fabric to … Read more

FAQs about Sheer Curtains 2024

FAQs about Sheer Curtains 2024

Sheer curtains are of substantial importance when we talk about interior design. These curtains are in high demand because of their luxurious, wavy appearance, sunlight diffusion, breathability, and airflow. By keeping all these benefits of sheers, people in Dubai love to dress up their room windows with sheers. However, there is a certain amount of … Read more

Are Motorized Curtains more Energy Efficient than Others?

Are Motorized Curtains more Energy Efficient than Others?

In the technologically advanced era, motorized curtains can be a new addition to home automation. Unlike manual curtains, motorized drapes are equipped with an automated motor system to provide ultimate convenience in consumers’ lives. These curtains can be controlled (opened, closed) via remote control, wall switch, and smartphone app. In today’s energy-hungry world, energy-efficient devices … Read more

Sheer Curtains Vs. Other Window Treatments

Sheer Curtains Vs. Other Window Treatments

It won’t be wrong to say that windows in your house have the same importance as your eyes in your body. Windows let sunlight in, and you can enjoy outside scenes. However, windows need to be dressed with attractive and eye-catching drapes to add privacy and better light control. While purchasing drapes, you need to … Read more

Top 05 Benefits of Sheer Curtains 2024

Benefits of sheer curtains

Most of the time, sheer curtains are overlooked and underappreciated in home interior articles. These unsung heroes (sheers) of the window treatment universe are real gems to décor a house uniquely and elegantly. Apart from the decorative elements, these transparent curtains come up with bundles of benefits that need to be discovered. If you are … Read more

How to choose a motorized curtains system?

How to choose motorized curtains system

Motorized curtains are an advanced way of treating windows in your home. These window coverings offer enhanced convenience coupled with several other benefits to a consumer’s life. However, a buyer needs to be extra vigilant while purchasing these smart window coverings. In fact, it is really hard to choose the right automatic curtain system for … Read more