Curtains Vs. Blinds [Which one is better]

Without window treatment, your interior design can’t be completed. In fact, window treatment is an integral part of interior design. And when it comes to dressing up room windows, there are several common and popular methods in Dubai. For instance, you can adorn your bedroom window with curtains, blinds, or drapes. Often, these window treatment terms are confusing and demand your attention to make it clear.

Today, we are here to explain the differences between curtains and blinds. Both types of window décor ideas differ in style, material, cost, maintenance, and functionality. Let’s have a look at all the differences one by one;

Curtains Vs. Blinds

In the following discussion, we can have different points of curtains and blinds to discuss one by one;


The very first thing that makes a clear difference between the two is material. Curtains are usually manufactured from different types of fabric. That fabric can be silk, voile, cotton, etc.

These fabric curtains are meant to be soft, cozy, and warm.

On the other hand, blinds are made of slats. And slats are manufactured from different types of hard materials like wood, aluminum, and plastic.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

For many reasons, cleaning and maintenance of curtains is a daunting task. As we know, curtains are manufactured from fabric, which is more prone to wrinkled. Apart from that, cleaning curtains demands strenuous efforts.

In contrast, window blinds are easier to maintain and clean. You can clean up blind slats with a dampened microfiber fabric.


Mainly, room windows are dressed up with curtains or blinds to control light, noise, and room temperature regulation.

Generally, it is considered that blinds are more effective in having control of sunlight. By tilting the slats of the blinds up and down, you have complete control over sunlight to let in or block out. It’s true.

However, curtains also tend to block out sunlight completely. Nowadays, there are blackout curtains with complete control of sunlight in the room. So, it is wrong to say that window blinds offer more control over sunlight than curtains.

Similarly, curtains perform better than window blinds when it comes to noise control. Because of hard material slats, tilting up and down operations might be noisier.

Moreover, curtains act as better insulators than blinds when we compare temperature regulation.

Aesthetic Appearance:

While comparing curtains with blinds, it is clear that curtains come up with a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Therefore, we can say that curtains provide a more aesthetic appearance in a room than window blinds.


There is also a difference in measurement and dimensions of curtains and blinds for the same window of a room.

Curtains are hung over the window, and normally dimensions of a curtain are wider and longer than the window’s measurement.

On the other hand, blinds are supposed to hang in the window casing, which demands precise and accurate measurement.

Therefore, it is always advised to get help from an expert for window measurement before installing window blinds.

Note: TheDesign-shop team is always available to take accurate measurement. Just call us on the given ph number and fix an appointment.


It is too hard to say about the price of blinds and curtains. The cost of blinds and curtains depends upon different factors, like window size and the chosen material of window curtains and blinds.

Therefore, it is advised to discuss all the parameters with a curtains supplier and get an estimated cost of blinds and curtains.


There are varying types of curtains and blinds. For example, curtains can be categorized into blackout, sheer, wave, pinch pleat, and eyelet.

Similarly, window blinds come up with different types like roller, roman, vertical, and duplex blinds.

Areas to install:

It is the choice of consumers; wherever they like to install curtains or blinds, they can. However, it is preferred to incorporate curtains where you want an aesthetic appearance, like a bedroom or living room.

However, blinds aren’t considered decorative window treatments. Instead, these are considered more functional than attractive. Blinds can be perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and offices.


A detailed comparison of curtains vs. blinds clearly shows that both differ in material, functionality, and maintenance. Now it is up to you, whether you choose curtains or go for blinds for window treatment. If you have more related questions, please do ask in the comment section, or call us. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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