FAQs about Sheer Curtains 2024

Sheer curtains are of substantial importance when we talk about interior design. These curtains are in high demand because of their luxurious, wavy appearance, sunlight diffusion, breathability, and airflow. By keeping all these benefits of sheers, people in Dubai love to dress up their room windows with sheers. However, there is a certain amount of confusion and queries about sheer window coverings.

So, here we are going to answer all those questions people often ask about sheer curtains. Let’s dig out the answers to questions one by one;

FAQs about Sheer Curtains 2024

1- Can you see through semi-sheer curtains at night?

Light intensity plays an important role in providing privacy with sheer curtains. If you have illuminated light with high intensity in your room at night, outsiders can easily observe and see-through sheer curtains.

However, if you turn off the room lights and the room is completely dark, outsiders won’t be able to see through these sheers.

2- Can you see through sheer curtains during the day?

Amazingly, sheer curtains tend to provide daytime privacy to consumers. However, again, the intensity of light plays an important role in providing privacy with sheers.

We assume that sunlight intensity is way higher than artificial light intensity in the room; that’s why outsiders can’t see through sheer window coverings during daytime.

3- What are sheer curtains made of?

Manufacturers can choose different materials to manufacture sheers and sheer curtains. However, it is crystal clear that the fabric of sheer curtains must be lightweight and thin.

The following fabrics are considered the best choice to have for window treatments with sheers;

  • Cotton
  • Silk 
  • Chiffon 
  • Voile 
  • Polyester

The thickness of the fabric must be less than 150GSM (grams per square meter) for sheer curtains.

4- What is the difference between sheer curtains and blackout curtains? 

It won’t be wrong to say that sheer and blackout curtains are poles apart. Both types of window coverings share differences in most of their features. Let’s have a look at the different features of both curtain types one by one;

Blackout Curtains Features:

Following blackout curtains features are opposite to sheer curtains features;

  • Complete block out of sunlight 
  •  Enhanced Privacy (day and night)
  • Acts as heat and temperature insulator 

Sheer Curtains Features: 

Opposite to the blackout curtains features mentioned above, there are the following traits of sheers;

  • Sunlight Filter: Sheers can’t block out sunlight; instead, sheers tend to diffuse harsh sunlight in all directions.
  • Daytime Privacy: Sheers tend to provide privacy during day time.
  • Breathable & Airflow: Instead of sound and heat insulation, sheers are breathable and good for airflow to regulate temperature.

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