How to choose a motorized curtains system?

Motorized curtains are an advanced way of treating windows in your home. These window coverings offer enhanced convenience coupled with several other benefits to a consumer’s life. However, a buyer needs to be extra vigilant while purchasing these smart window coverings. In fact, it is really hard to choose the right automatic curtain system for new home and office owners.

Therefore, the expert team at TheDesign-Shop considers guiding all new homeowners while buying these electric curtains. Here, we are going to reveal all the factors to consider before purchasing these automatic drapes.

Take a trip with us to find out how to choose a motorized curtain system.

Buying Guide for Motorized Curtains System:

Before buying curtains with an automated system, you need to know the following factors; thereby, you can make a perfect decision.  Let’s have a look at all the factors one by one;

What are your requirements?

At the very first step, when the idea of buying window curtains touches your mind, you need to be crystal clear about your requirements. For this, you can ask the following questions to yourself and try to get answers to these questions;

  1. What are the dimensions of the window for which you are going to buy automated drapes?
  2. What can be the estimated frequency of opening and closing the curtains in a day?
  3. Whether do you need energy efficient, better light control or privacy-pro curtain for your windows?

Having asked all the above questions yourself, try to get answers by measuring the area for curtains installation.

What type of motor you should go for?

After analyzing your needs, you now have a clear idea of what type of curtains you want. In motorized curtains, two types, mainly of motors, are used;

  1. DC motors
  2. AC motors

DC Motors: These motors are likely to be noiseless and energy efficient. However, they are not very powerful. Therefore, use DC motors only for small window curtains.

AC Motors: AC motors tend to be more powerful open and close large heavy drapes easily.

What are the different control methods for Window Curtains?

Electric window drapes have different options to control their opening and closing mechanisms. For example;

  1. Wall Switch
  2. Remote Control
  3. Mobile Apps

Wall Switch: This is a relatively simple yet convenient option. By pushing a button, you can open or close window curtains.

Remote Control: Curtains with a wall switch option require getting up and pushing the button. However, with a remote control system, you can open and close automatic curtains with an RC; there is no need to get up from bed.

Mobile Apps: With this system, automated curtains are synchronized with home automation apps for more benefits.

What will be the type of fabric and curtains?

We can classify curtains into different categories w.r.t to fabric and designs. Here, we are enlisting a few curtain types;

  1. Blackout Curtains
  2. Sheer Curtains
  3. Wave Curtains
  4. Pinch Pleat Curtains

In addition, we can categorize curtains by material/fabric and lightweight curtains (cotton, silk).

Each type of curtain mentioned above offers different functionality while bestowing an aesthetic look to your bedrooms and living spaces.

Aside from that, curtain colors, design, and fabric patterns need your attention while buying.

What is the optimal budget for motorized curtains?

The answer to this question depends upon several factors. For example, the size of bedroom windows, material, and quality of the motor.

However, you can compare price tags and quality of the automatic curtains to avail the best possible option.

Are there any other factors to consider?

Yes, there might be various other factors you can check before purchasing;

  1. Safety features
  2. Motor Power source (battery, wired)
  3. Warrant and Customer Support

With all these factors analyzed, you can have perfect motorized curtains for your bedrooms and living spaces.


By analyzing all these factors, you can make a wiser decision about motorized drapes. If you have any other related questions, please do ask in the comment section. Our team of professionals and experts will answer your questions. Thank you. Stay blessed.

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